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Data Lakes & Analytics

NIT Infotech Solutions can assist you in optimizing operations, driving innovation, and seizing new revenue-generating opportunities throughout your data modernization and data intelligence journey.

NIT Infotech’s approach to Agile Business Intelligence empowers organizations to make data-driven decisions by providing actionable insights to business stakeholders in real-time. Traditional data warehouses are limited in their ability to collect and process certain types of data, generating query-based reports that can be slow and cumbersome to use.

In contrast, data lakes offer the scalability to store all data types, and allow for efficient data mining by virtually anyone within the organization.

NIT Infotech has extensive experience in designing and deploying data lakes and analytics solutions, offering a range of services such as

Creating a data modernization strategy that outlines how data, people, processes, and technology can collaborate to achieve business objectives.

Migrating legacy on-premises databases and data warehouses to an AWS-based data lake for scalability and agility. In many cases, we handle the heavy lifting so that internal teams can focus on day-to-day operations. Alternatively, we work closely with internal teams to execute the migration and equip them through collaboration, knowledge transfer, and upskilling.

Developing data warehouse analytics workloads to translate data into insights and actions.

Ensuring minimal downtime during migration to ensure business operations run smoothly.

NIT Infotech and AWS: Better, Together

A Strong Partnership AWS provides a comprehensive, secure, and cost-effective technology portfolio for building data lake and analytics solutions, including data migration, cloud infrastructure, management tools, analytics services, visualization tools, and machine learning.

As an AWS Premier Consulting Partner, NIT Infotech has in-depth knowledge of AWS technologies and best practices, enabling us to develop data lakes and AWS big data analytics workloads that maximize value.