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Oracle on AWS

Overcome the Obstacles to Cloud Migration with a Certified AWS Migration Competency Partner

Oracle, a leading provider of enterprise software and cloud services, has partnered with Amazon Web Services (AWS), the world’s largest cloud provider, to offer customers a range of Oracle services on AWS. This partnership provides customers with a powerful combination of Oracle’s enterprise software and AWS’s scalable, secure, and reliable cloud infrastructure.

By using Oracle services on AWS, customers can take advantage of the scalability, reliability, and security of AWS’s cloud infrastructure, while also benefiting from Oracle’s enterprise software expertise. This partnership provides customers with a powerful and flexible solution for their enterprise computing needs.

With our cloud migration and deployment services, you can

Oracle Database

Customers can run their Oracle Database on AWS using Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) for Oracle. This service provides a fully managed database solution that automates tasks such as backups, patching, and scaling, allowing customers to focus on their core business.

Oracle Applications

Customers can also run their Oracle Applications on AWS using Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) instances. This allows customers to take advantage of AWS’s scalability and elasticity, which enables them to scale their infrastructure up or down as needed.

Oracle Middleware

Oracle Middleware, including Oracle WebLogic Server and Oracle SOA Suite, can also be run on AWS. Customers can use Amazon EC2 instances to deploy and scale their Oracle Middleware applications, leveraging AWS’s flexible compute capacity.

Oracle Analytics

Customers can also use Oracle Analytics on AWS to gain insights into their data. They can use Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) to store their data and Amazon Redshift to run their analytics workloads, providing a scalable and cost-effective solution for their data analytics needs.

Why Organizations choose NIT InfoTech Solutions for Cloud Migrations

Cloud Readiness Assessment

We assess your current infrastructure and applications to determine their compatibility with the cloud environment. We also identify any potential issues and develop a plan to mitigate them.

Cloud Migration Strategy

We develop a cloud migration strategy that meets your specific business requirements. This includes selecting the right cloud platform, designing the migration plan, and testing the migration process.

Cloud Migration Execution

We execute the cloud migration plan, ensuring that your data and applications are migrated quickly, efficiently, and securely.

Cloud Deployment and Configuration

We help you deploy and configure your applications and services on your new cloud environment, ensuring that they are optimized for high performance and security.