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NIT Infotech helps educational institutions gain valuable insights by migrating institutional data from on-premises data stores to AWS Data Lake using best practices.

NIT Infotech partners with schools, universities, and ed-tech innovators to establish a digital ecosystem that identifies stakeholders’ needs and delivers successful outcomes. The company supports educators in virtualizing and personalizing the learning environment, assisting faculty in thriving and developing customized content, enabling parents to monitor their children’s progress, and accelerating innovation in research institutions. From student enrollment to campus recruitment to research labs, administrators and faculty use digital tools to streamline processes and create financial and educational success stories.

NIT Infotech helps educational institutions gain valuable insights by migrating institutional data from on-premises data stores to AWS Data Lake using best practices. This helps reduce costs and enables data-driven decisions. The company creates data lakes with interactive data visualization and artificial intelligence tools to gain insights such as identifying and supporting at-risk students, optimizing curriculum offerings, and accelerating and optimizing clinical trials in research entities.

Moreover, NIT Infotech helps institutions migrate and modernize their systems, applications, and platforms to personalize and optimize the student online administrative experience and campus life. The company helps educational institutions to scale and accelerate their operations by migrating and securing school, faculty/student, and research computing services to modern platforms, building agility and scalability, reducing costs, and adding resiliency. Overall, NIT Infotech is committed to helping educational institutions enhance their digital capabilities to create successful outcomes for all stakeholders.

With our cloud migration and deployment services, you can

Reduce Downtime

Our experienced team ensures that your cloud migration is executed with minimal downtime and disruption to your business.

Improve Security

Our cloud migration and deployment experts ensure that your data and applications are securely transferred to the cloud environment.

Increase Scalability

The cloud environment provides businesses with the flexibility and scalability needed to grow and succeed.

Optimize Cost

Our experts will help you optimize your cloud infrastructure to reduce cost while maximizing performance.

Why Organizations choose NIT InfoTech Solutions for Cloud Migrations

Cloud Readiness Assessment

We assess your current infrastructure and applications to determine their compatibility with the cloud environment. We also identify any potential issues and develop a plan to mitigate them.

Cloud Migration Strategy

We develop a cloud migration strategy that meets your specific business requirements. This includes selecting the right cloud platform, designing the migration plan, and testing the migration process.

Cloud Migration Execution

We execute the cloud migration plan, ensuring that your data and applications are migrated quickly, efficiently, and securely.

Cloud Deployment and Configuration

We help you deploy and configure your applications and services on your new cloud environment, ensuring that they are optimized for high performance and security.