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Digital Process Automation Software for Connected Banking

Digital Process Automation Software is designed for Connected Banking, providing financial services-specific solutions that are built on the NewgenONE low code digital transformation platform.

With our software, you can bridge enterprise-wide silos, create a boundaryless workplace, and stay up-to-date with regulations. It empowers your extended banking ecosystem by enabling internal and external connections, enabling your bank to serve customers holistically and create greater lifetime value.

With our cloud migration and deployment services, you can

Reduce Downtime

Our experienced team ensures that your cloud migration is executed with minimal downtime and disruption to your business.

Improve Security

Our cloud migration and deployment experts ensure that your data and applications are securely transferred to the cloud environment.

Increase Scalability

The cloud environment provides businesses with the flexibility and scalability needed to grow and succeed.

Optimize Cost

Our experts will help you optimize your cloud infrastructure to reduce cost while maximizing performance.

Why Organizations choose NIT InfoTech Solutions for Cloud Migrations

Cloud Readiness Assessment

We assess your current infrastructure and applications to determine their compatibility with the cloud environment. We also identify any potential issues and develop a plan to mitigate them.

Cloud Migration Strategy

We develop a cloud migration strategy that meets your specific business requirements. This includes selecting the right cloud platform, designing the migration plan, and testing the migration process.

Cloud Migration Execution

We execute the cloud migration plan, ensuring that your data and applications are migrated quickly, efficiently, and securely.

Cloud Deployment and Configuration

We help you deploy and configure your applications and services on your new cloud environment, ensuring that they are optimized for high performance and security.